Midgie Mashers Flypast with Ducati Up North

Over last bank holiday weekend I went up to Scotland for the Midgie Masher weekend with the guys and lasses of Ducati Up North which I met during the World Ducati Week in Misano at the end of June.


This year Midgie Masher was a two days ride out from Edinburgh to Applecross passing by Inverness and then back to Glasgow on the following day (however others and I got back to Edinburgh from Fort Williams). The ride was almost 600 miles of twisty roads all around Scotland, passing through the highlands and several passes. Lots of very nice sceneries at least when I could leave my eyes from the road :).

It was my first trip to Scotland and it was a very nice experience where I met many nice people; I wish I could stay a bit more…

… here are some pictures…

Midgie Masher Map

On the way to Edinburgh - Me at Devil’s Bridge

Pitlochry - Scottish hospitality

Pitlochry - countryside

Pitlochry - Refreshment stop

On the way to Applecross

Small twisty road on the way to Applecross

Project imola bike

Applecross - Campsite arrival

Applecross - Wigwam

Applecross - Pillion

Applecross - Dinner at the campsite restaurant

Applecross - Dinner at the campsite restaurant

Around applecross

Applecross - funny animal

Scottish Highlands - way back from Apple Cross… The Cow Pass


Looks like you had a great time, even the wether looks ok!

Shocker for Scottyland

There are some strange Ducati owning folk - 1098 with rear luggage rack n bear:w00t:

Breathtaking scenery there Francesco particularly the one ‘on the way to Applecross’

Very impressive the amount of touring you’ve done lately, along with trackdays etc etc, your Duke goes well, were there many breakdowns in the group?:w00t:

Killer – the guy did the luggage rack for the 1098 himself!

B – There was an ST4 that didn’t start after the lunch break on the first day, the breakdown recovery was called and they got it started but the electrics didn’t seem quite right and he decided to go back home.

Yes, I did quite a bit of touring this summer + three track days (well two really! :frowning: ). I was thinking of doing another track day but I should change the tyres and I should get the seal at the base of the front cylinder checked, as it seems it is leaking some oil!:crying:

Therefore, I’m probably going to wait next year and get everything sorted first.

…great pics…last one is my desktop background now… :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Erm… forgot to say… if you want to use it on your desktop there is a small fee to pay :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

Brilliant post Francesco! I love the pictures, especially the odd little shed?!

I’m only ALOT jealous…I’d give anything to come over and enjoy an adventure like that.

Excellent pics!

They do the Midgie Masher once every year, I can let you know where the next one is, I might go again too. The only thing is that it is a bit of a long journey to get up to Scotland but if the weater is good well worth it!

  • if other LBs 'd like to join them I’m sure the’d receive a good welcome.

It is a Flypast, about 600 miles around Scotland over two days. Very good fun.