Mid week morning

Moring all

Feel like crap today, got to take my bike to have the ECU remapped and then onto work.

Good morning, should be a nice day today


good morning everyone!!! im having a half day today!!! roll on 1230!!!

have a good one all!! and keep safe!!!xxx

Mornin all, all ready done an hours gardening. Going to be an amazing week weather wise.

Should be a good turnout tonight then?

Good morning everyone.

Beautiful day today can’t wait till 2pm to get out of this office

i ment to say b4!! have a great night tonight!! i will be missing anouther one!!! boohoooboohoooo

Morning guys and gals… I hate mid week - or rather I hate Tuesdays.

Wednesdays I can do, Mondays are even better you can get a run up to a Monday, but Tuesdays are ****ty - far to near the beginning of the week and they creep up on you… Wednesday - well that’s good because it’s meet night!


Good morning peeps.

The sun is out, the sky is blue yadda yadda yadda…

I don’t start work til 2ish so only one thing for it

Anyone out and about this morning?

Moaning Lbers, have a good day and enjoy the shun shine if you can

Mawwwwwwwnin !!!

Looking good now…great night on the cards and looking forward to it.

Morning all!

Same sh*t different day!

But thank god for BMM!!!

GP xxx