Thursday, June 21Locksbottom, BP garage 1930hrs A25 to Box Hill (for a cuppa)

This is the longest day of the year, and for the past few years, my friends and I have ridden from Locksbottom (where the ‘Mayday run’ starts from) to Box Hill (not on motorway…!!) for a cuppa at Ryka’s, then, back again (unless you want to be a splitter!!!) before it’s dark!!! We will be leaving at 1945hrs sharp.

Location of Locksbottom: http://www.multimap.com/maps/#t=l&map=51.3675,0.0551|15|4&loc=GB:51.3675:0.0551:11|locksbottom|Locksbottom,%20Greater%20London,%20England

Any questions???

See you there!!!

Who’s intrested!!!

Ginger PixieBusa 55Ben632664BuelliganJeeves1802GooseRobski99Pinkty

OOOH Maybe

good plan

see you there

Stick my name down, im up for it

Put me down as a ‘possible’.

Sounds about right Drei But spose you could shoot anywhere from Box if you wanted too

Sounds good matey, If you don’t mind a newbie coming?

sounds good to me, now to find Locksbottom…

And I live in Kent!

Yes, this sounds good to me. It’s my final hand in for my degree on that day, but I think we’re waiting for the weekend to go on the smash so I’d love to join you.

I can actually make that!!! as long as you don’t mind another newbie to the group? Locksbottom to meet, exactly where? I’ll be coming from ruisliip if anyone wants to meet to get to Locksbottom?

See ya’ll on Thursday…

Location is the BP station in Locksbottom, map location on first post.

I was hoping to at least meet up at Rykas, but I have a late meeting to go to instead!

Yeeeeeaaaaah! count me in… im up for some of that…! havent been to box hill for ages…

hmmm… anyone seen what the great man has decided on weather wise for the longest day!? hope he’s good to us…!

TDM… Said on a thread elsewhere I’d probably be able to make this, but looks like I’ve double booked myself

I grew up there, and my parents live there, just look for their house then turn left. S’easy.

Up for that mate,see you there,kev rsv.

Looking forward to it

I hope to make this - I have an appt at 5.30pm but can ride to Locksbottom straight from work so should be there by 7.45pm.

Hi anyone interested in meeting up near heathrow and meeting up with this lot at ryka’s?

looks like i will be meeting up with ya, you can lead the way