Microsoft's new gizmo

For all you techies out there…heres’ Microsoft’s newest toy codenamed “Origami”, its supposed to be part Ipod-killer, handheld gaming device and a souped-up Blackberry…shud retail for between 500 to 600 USD. They are still keeping everything under wraps till March heres a teaser video showcasing it.

Oh that’s beyond cool. I like it. Though this sort of stuff has failed before for the following reasons; they’re heavy, they’re expensive, they don’t work in the sun and the batteries only last an hour.

I like the flexibility of it though, I’d haul that around, the portable station is cool, and sat-nav would be great. I could also get my LB fix when in boring meetings at work, possibly…

Mmmmm prety cool piece of kit, looks a bit bulky! and yes wonder how long the battery would last?

Really nice! A bit too big I think… I put my name on the list for this one here:

Eurgh … it’s biege!!!

Not a patch on Sony’s PSP!! (IMHO)

im sure theyll have over covers, the mbridge has no hd so not what i want as my pda does all that minus the usb conectivity.

Will get the microsoft when it comes out probably!

just too big !

The PSP fits in your suit pocket, iPod fits in your jeans, Blackbury on your waste and oh yeah if i wanted to carry a bag around with me i’d have my pc !

…and my baby does that all plus few other things (ok, I admit, still waiting for USB host functionality)

That geezer didn’t have his chin strap done up!