hiya everone, just joined today. I’ve got a problem if anyone can help. I have an 06 zx10r and i’ve just tried to fit my new cans, the problem is the ring between the pipes and the end can is suppose to fit nicely into the rebait in the micron. Well it doesn’t!!! any advice on what i can do to solve the problem as im dying to get them fitted. Thanks

Bring it over il have a look mate ??

Try the MCNNinjas forum for advice - there a few 10r owners there and may have similar experience.


Thanks for the reply guys. I spent all day on the phone and driving around. Micron say the original gasket should fit but it doesn’t. Kawasaki don’t make one that fits these cans!!! I ended up getting one from a helpful honda dealer (blays in twickenham) and had to bore out. After all the messing around its done and im well happy. Just need the nice weather!!!