Micron Paddock Stand For Sale

Im selling my paddock stand as I want to get the other type that hooks onto the bobbins.

This one is made by Micron and it is silver - not much else to say about it really! See pic.

£20 - Buyer to collect (Dartford) :slight_smile:


why not buy some of these, they hook on to the bobbins?


Ah nice one cheers! ha ha Seen those on ebay didnt think about doing that :smiley:

Stand no longer for sale, I’ll keep it :blush:

should have a whip round n get one for Smiled…little wheels like stabalisers :D:D:D



Well there’s gratitude for you :wink:

its ok he is off round ranas to use hers for a while, wait till he tries to ride round a corner with it.