Mick taking scamera van

Saw this scamera van this morning, London Road, Mitcham, oppo. Figges Marsh.

“What makes them think its ok to take the mick and park illegally just so they can catch others committing other offences” thought I.

So I stopped, turned 'round, parked up, and got MY camera out

After my david bailey bit, I felt I had to do my public duty and report this ‘offence’… so I did, right there and then… ‘hello…Police? Theres this van parked up on…’

…then off I went on my merry way


Oh mate…Quality…Top Work my Friend !!!

indeed, although perhaps his tax had run out and he didn’t want a ticket?

which of course would acount for parking on the pavement.

Cheers Mark.

I got a parking ticket for parking on a pavement twice as wide, with a disabled badge and it was 9.30 at night. needless to say I have told Southwark council to whistle.

What a git! I hate those vans, would love to throw a grenade in the open back dooor as I drove past!

Good work TonUpKid!

As toby 1 kenobi might say that would be the dark side of the force.

Be nice to take your Transit and park right behind it…

Nice one!! Wonder if we stood at the back of the van obscuring the camera we would be “moved along”?

I hate those van’s, there’s one that turns up now and again on one of my fave bits of road on the way to work (nice twist’s in the road nice at about 70-80 although its a 30limit) and the first time i saw it man did my brakes prove they work. But until i got up close it just looked like a council van, then I could see the camera poking out the back… so i drove past real slow and looked through into the front and to my joy there was no camera in the front, so round the block i went and @ 75 i came speeding up to this van, with the one finger salute!

I’m so glad bike’s dont have No. plates on the front!

Nice work… What a cunch of bunts they are at times… bet any of us would have been nicked for parking a bike there…

Now all you need is to get someone really fat or with a triple pushchair to complain that their way has been obstructed

Yup, reckon a bike’d get a ticket for obstructing the pavement.

Wonder if we can get an update on this one.

Seen a couple of those out and about in West London, Turnham Green area… Not as if you can’t spot them eh!

Wasn’t there a national paper printing pics such as these at one stage, wonder what would happen if they saw these ?

Nice one TonUpKid hehe