Michelin Road Pilot 2

Recently got a pair of these for my ER6, I’m pleased with them so thought I’d post up. I’ve run a couple sets of BT020 and then BT021s. Both of the Bridgestone tyres were ok but never felt like they turned in nicely.

I’ve had the michelins for a week now and put on ~500 miles. So far so good, only had the rear break away when being a d*** before they scrubbed in. On a rough fast corner on my commute I have the front drift out most days, (same with the Bridgestones). The Michelins seem more composed when they slide, grip slide, grip.

Some of the good feel will be down to replacing shagged tyres but the real test will be how long they last. I’ll report back as I’m a high mileage user so should soon find out :wink:

Their good tyres! I’ve had well over 10k miles out of my front - needs replacing now though :slight_smile:

I’ve had them on both my CBR600f and my Fireblade, and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them! :wink:

Definitely great tyres, been using them on my Bandit 1250 the past 18 months. Sooooo much better than the factory-fitted Dunlops, which lasted all of about 2,000 miles :laugh: :laugh: :crazy:

I LOVE PILOTS!!! they allow rdiculous lean angles…warm up fast…good in th wet too, i remeber Elad getting KD at brands in teh rain on pilots;)

superb tyre!!

they are GOOD , got them on my Blackbird, done two trackdays with them one wet , a great tyre !

love mine, much better than the stock bridgestones I had on my GSXF

my poor little michelin man on the side is getting a pounding in the warm weather though

wot michelin man:w00t::wink:

yea i got 2ct’s and i like them.

Excellent tyre’s although not sure ideal if you’re gonna be doing alot of commuting miles on them :w00t: Seems a waste of tyre & money to me but i guess your thread will tell :slight_smile:

Great tyre - i run them on my CBR600 as well.

Id say they’ll be good commuting, afterall - harder part of the dual compound will take most of the straight miles well id say… let us know how you get on.

I’m using them for a fast commute that is about half A roads so want to run reliable gripping tyres. They seemed good this morning in the rain.

I’ve been using the same tyre on my commute & had well over 10k miles out it - on my BT014’s I had just over 5k miles before they needed changing. Their good on the track aswell, I did brands last year and it rained the whole day - if I had the balls I probably could have got my knee down but it was my 1st track day and didnt wanna take the p*ss :stuck_out_tongue: