Michelin Road Pilot 2

I was going through the tyre history of my other bike today, my Diversion, where I fitted a Michelin Road Pilot 2 (dual compound), and was astonished to work out that I have done 10,000 miles and still have loads of thread left. I asked the local Whatling Tyre place in my area for a price, and I know him as a biker, he rides a Gixxer 1000, and he got 8000 miles out of the rear, thrashing his bike, and getting his knee down. I would say: lets all get on the Pilots 2…

Been echoed a number of times on the forum, and I agree, and have them on my cat, they are stunning tyres, cost a little more than the others, but well, well worth it :slight_smile:

I use the Pilot Powers 2ct’s on my bike :slight_smile:

I got nearly 12 000 out of mine, still plenty of rubber. Only changed because they squared off. Put another set of the same back on.


Hmm think I may go for these next after the disappointing longevity if immense grip of my Pilot Powers (not 2ct) - 2.5k road miles and starting to look fairly shabby. Also, a mate just bought a set and applied for the offer Michelin are running - £20 Sainsburys voucher - came through from them today, one day after applying - bonus!

mine are still running faultlessly after 2.5k :stuck_out_tongue: still think these are my favourite tyre to date!

I use Pilot sports on the rear.

I’ve had pilot power 2ct’s on my Gixxer for the last year, great tyres, good for track and road, still going strong.

Did have the front replaced as they had a worldwide recall (last year), as the tyre was falling apart, found this out after my trackday, replacement is great, no other tyre compares.

Good all round tyres.

Had pilot sport on my CBR600RR from new only changed them becuse of flat spot on mitchalin pilot power 2 now awsome grip feel confident on them will update on the milage got 5000miles from the original tyres in 6 months of riding not to bad

I have been an avid viper supersport fan for some time but they dont last a 1000 miles, well the rears dont, anyway at brands today they said my front was fooked so I went the whole hog and bought front and rear 2ct’s and I have to say I am more than impressed, they were sublime in the wet, not a single twitch and we were not pootling, and in the dry totally superb,…those tyres are black magic for sure…

i got pilot road 2s on my 1050 triple, bloody fantastic never even flinch in the wet, i dont hang about either

Yeah but you are used to Tractors my lover…:D:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: really! but you got me there:hehe:

Havent really put that much millage on mine yet, but did get a trackday on them. Cant fault them and feel much beter than the 020’s i had on before…