Michelin Pilot road3

anyone tried these yet? any good?

Hi Westie! I asked the same question on the VFR forum http://www.bikersoracle.com/vfr/forum/showthread.php?t=111611 but it looks like they’re too new for anyone to have had any long enough to comment. Get some and let us know!


I used a set around North Wales the weekend they feel to be a bit stiffer carcass than the road 2’s and have excellent grip levels we rode in some very varied weather conditions with out ant probs at all. I have just fitted a set to Ange’s 1000 so will see what she thinks? . I will definatly be fitting some on the busa next. :smiley:

got a set on the s3 now, they look really nice too:D

well first report after 600 miles is thaT THEY ARE BRILLIANT! very grippy, good traction in wet, greasy and icy conditions, obviously not so much on ice, but after having real salty roads i was amazed t who fab they were!, i could really lean the bike into the bends and she stayed planted. Very impressed.

Much better than the racetek tyres that were fitted to the new speed triple i took out today!:stuck_out_tongue:

Michelin tyres coming up trumps again…Well I never :wink:

now there not spending 20 zillion quid on VR46’s boots they can make some proper tyres :slight_smile:

I had a chat with a Michelin man (no not Bibendum!!) at the Excel show.

I’m not sure how clued up he was as :

[1] he told me they had the same life expectancy as PR2’s … until I pointed out that the flyer he had said it would be better

[2] He said they’re not on the market until March/April … and yet some people are already riding them!

They were for sale at the show for £220 a pair but he reckoned £250 once out there ! :crazy:

I ride a Blackbird so I asked if they’d been approved for them. He said that the Busa, 'bird and ZX were all part of the focus and target market but as yet he didn’t think they’d got the specific approval. The load/speed index for Blackbird sizes seems normal at 55W front, 73W rear so I don’t expect any issues especially if as posted above the carsass is stiffer.

This is the flyer I picked up :

These tyres are available. I have brought two sets. The first set went on a FJR1300 and work really well on that bike in all conditions. They are also suited well to the Gixer 1000 we fitted them to and proving to have exellant grip even in cold conditions. As for fitting then to a Blackbird they should work well I normally run the 2’s on my Busa but will be fitting these next.

The main probs with the 2ct’s on the Gixer 1000 is punctures once the tyre was a bit worn we will have to see how the new 3’s fair after a bit of milage.:slight_smile:

When the canvas is poking out the rear of my BMW R1100’s tyre (about 2 weeks?) I’ll try the PR3s and let you know…

My pilot power are on their way out so I’ll be getting a set of road 3s in the next week of so Fwr just quoted me £259 fitted for 120 70, 160 60

well about 1500 miles in and they are doing really well, will be interesting to see how many miles i get from them…

Just been told that my rear PR2 is on its way out as well… I want to move to the PR3s but not sure I want to change both tyres as the front still has life in it…

Can I add just the rear PR3 or is that not advisable?