Michelin Pilot Road 2's

Had these fitted a couple of days ago to the Blade i’ve gotta say first impressions (after only about 25 miles) is that they are awesome, even in persisitant rain. :smiley:

Can wait to get a dry day to have a real scrub in of the edges… :hehe:

they are, but still easy to brake rear wheel traction wheel cold. enjoy 'em :slight_smile:

i’ve had nearly 6000 miles out of mine so far and they’re still going strong. no squaring off and they stick like sh1t to a blanket. look for the little michelin men on the edge of the contact surface - should have them scrubbed to the head come summer no problem

How much did you guys pay just out of interest and where??

I paid £210 at Watlings Catford but I understand Essential Rubber do them a bit cheaper.

and as others have said fantastic tyres

i also paid £207 at Watlings fitted to loose wheels. Essential Rubber wanted £215 fitted ride in ride out!

Has anyone tried them on an FZ1S?

i got em for £180 fitted :wink: helps when u no sum1 who works in a tyre shop

I get all my tyres from these people


If they’re anything like the Pilot Power 2CTs, I’d say they’re probably one of the best road tyres money can buy and would work pretty well on track too.

R1cky (07/01/2008)

I get all my tyres from these people

http://search.stores.ebay.co.uk/RoundAndBlack_pilot-road-2_W0QQfciZQ2d1QQfclZ4QQfsnZRoundAndBlackQQfsooZ1QQfsopZ3QQfsubZ9QQsaselZ223500329QQsofpZ0[/quote] Thats all well and good if you can get them fitted for a fair price and a lot of tyre places are wising up to that now!

They are 2CT technology, but more biased towards touring.

i’m thinking about getting a pair of these, i pilot powers, altho they are great in the dry they don transmit much feel in teh wet, plus my edges are knackered!! proper rubber boogies!:smiley:

And then he learnt English :wink:

Can you explain that further?

Are you riding on the road or track?

apoligies! i was at work, have a habit of typing way too fast and not checking my posts!start again shall we…

i have a set of pilot powers on my SV at the moment, they are fine in the dry but in the wet they slide a little, and genrally just feel a bit sketchy!

i have heard that the pilot road 2’s are very good for both wet and dry conditions, so im thinking about trying them, see if they feel any better in the wet.

my pilots at the moment are bubbled on the edges, abuse i think its called…

go easy on me y’all, not been riding long its all new to me!

oh Afro, i ride on the road mate, no trackdays yet, i plan too do some tho!:smiley:

sorry jonesy old chap, re-posted and re-adrressed my posting on this here very forum for you sir, sorry to have troubled you chap.;)yours sincerly…ratty:D

lol, that was you being careful? :Dmy 2ct’s are fine in the wet? think the pilot roads are supposed to get warmer a bit quicker, but aren’t so good at the top end heat range. for road only, they’re prob the better option. defo will do more mileage/hold their shape longer on the road

That’s a strange experience you have with the tyres, but one thing I’ve learnt not to do is dismiss some else’s experiences on a bike if they are disimilar to mine and it doesn’t matter that you haven’t got as much experience.My experience with the 2CTs is one of complete confidence…I’ve ridden in torrential rain on the way home from Donington last year (JB can comment here)…It was really horrible…Like riding through fog as the visibility was that poor…I’ve ridden on them in snow in Feb last year…All I can say is that for me they grip when I think they won’t.Saying that, some bikes are sensitive to tyres…I know my R1 is…Where Pirelli Diablos work well on other bikes, I just couldn’t get on with them…At track temeperatures they worked pretty well, but on the road they had a tendency to slide (I almost high sided on them) on anything but completely dry and warmish tarmac and I always felt that at a given lean angle they could just give…Infact they did and I crashed my R1 in a lowside.If you’re not happy with your tyres…Don’t persist with them…Don’t listen to anyone else…Change them.It’s much cheaper to lose a bit of money selling them part worn on ebay, than to crash your bike and face a hefty repair bill.

yep, that ride back from donny was terrible. pretty long ride, seriously wet at stages and cross winds. that was the final straw on riding distance to track days for me. that and the unlucky hassle that francesco had to go through to make his bike rideable to get home again after a small low side on track

afro’s right about having confidence in your bike/tyres. if you dont believe they’ll grip, you’ll prob not be relaxed/smooth and aggravate the reduced available traction.

still worth checking that the tyre is still in good nick, and at suitable winter pressures. not sure how much feedback you can get in the current weather tbh

yeah very carefull lol:D

hmm looks like i may give them a try, i need something to give me more confidence in the wet, i can ride in the rain but i dont like it much(who does!?).