michelin man assassination attempt

I’m almost there i’ve got a good feeling about April! :smiley:

thats one dirty caliper :smiley:
use some break cleaner on it!

good luck :slight_smile:

Pilot Road 2s by any chance?

pilot powers

attempt 2 was even better i’ve got the fat mans head.

I might actually grow hair waiting for this to come to an end :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see a picture of the front tyre;)

haha free hair growth from my boring threads:P i bet i could buy a 1098 from the income. only take what like a month:w00t:

i wont embrasess you and put mine up lol nice one though :wink:

Go on. DO IT!



yea go on stace lets see your white bits:P

Like this :smiley:

is that from your road riding or track?