Michelin Airless Tyres

I remember seeing something years ago about Michelin designing airless tyres, and that they were planning on bringing them to the market.

It’s certainly an interesting concept. No dangers of blow outs, no punctures, no issues with tyre pressures. There will be downsides, heavier weight, limit range of operation (i.e. a 180/55R17 may have to be for a specific weight and power of bike).

Interesting… Not the best look but benefits may outweigh looks in long run…

I don’t see how it would work leant over on a motorbike


Bridgestone have a similar tyre for bicycles, so they must be able to lean.


No issues with tyre pressures except tyre pressures affect how the tyre behaves in absorbing imperfections in road surfaces as well as the tyre to road contact patch and side wall flex when cornering. Maybe not such big issues on rounded profile multi compound motorcycle tyres but on flat profile car tyres it leads to all sorts of problems.

Found this image of the motorcycle version.

They’re not the best looking :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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I believe that the prototype. From what I remember Michelin did say that they would target scooters first. Obviously lower cost, less technical requirements, and potential a bigger market.

Similar concept to mousses used by many green laners, but those replace an inner tube not the tyre itself

I don’t mind the look when clean but can imagine how shit they would look with mud, grit and leaves poking out

Slightly reduces the police ability to use a stinger …