Michelin £35 cash back on certain tyres

Just had this today…

Michelin has launched a new offer across a number of road tyres in their motorcycle range. Customers can claim up to £35 back when they fit a set of new tyres – or £15 for a single tyre – either by bank transfer or in the form or a fuel card.

Purchase any of the following tyres from an official Michelin dealer before Friday, July 31 2015 to qualify: MICHELIN Power Supersport Evo, MICHELIN Pilot Power 3, MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4, MICHELIN Pilot Road 3, MICHELIN Anakee III and MICHELIN Commander II.

Visit your nearest Michelin dealer or moto.michelin.co.uk for more information.

Ooh essential fitted a new pr4 then other day for me, anyone know if they count as an actual dealer?

This is good- I should be through a set of Rosso Corsas quite soon and want to go for some PP2CT’s on the S1k.

Very handy to know, I swear by my 2ct’s. Best tyres ive had, and I may need a new set by then, if not it may be worth buying them and storing them till they are needed which wont be much past that date

Deal only applied to fitted tyres though.
Probably to stop people doing exactly that.

@Boris - Yes, if you look at the form they are listed on the drop down box. I’m going to have to find my receipt and claim. :slight_smile:

Fit new tyres now, claim the cashback and store old tyres until needed again.

Woo hoo found my receipt. Just need to fill in the form. :slight_smile:

I believe Metzeler are doing a similar-ish deal to compete too. But they’re offering a £50 Dianese voucher on a pair of tyres. Might be handy if you fancy some Dianese stuff.

Might get you a key ring if you’re lucky.

Thanks Rusty! I have dutifully collected my money

Always a pleasure never a chore :slight_smile:

Nice to have Rusty organising giving money to the motorists… :smiley: :wink:

No idea what you mean