Michelangelo's David is to be returned to Italy

After a 2 year loan to the USA for an exhibition sponsored by McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Starbuck’s Michelangelo’s David is to be returned to Italy.




Seems they’ve supersized it :w00t::smiley:

Hardly suprising! I mean look what happened to ELVIS! :smiley:

That’s the story of my life! :w00t:

**“Hardly suprising! I mean look what happened to ELVIS!”
That’ll be the squirrel burgers then?

Errrrmmmm - are we forgetting what Pavarotti looked like!

I blame the spag bowl:D

Yeah - apparently Elvis’s family were so impoverished that he used to shoot and eat squirrels as a boy - perhaps this memory of poverty explains his craving for high fat foods in his later, wealthier years.

At least the hands are in proportion in the 2nd shot. Could never figure out why Michelangelo have him such massive hands.

It’s 'cos the model played in goal for AC Milan!!

To make up for his tiny willy?

Maybe the model was an ancestor of mine… :wink:

The reason Michelangelo gave David massive hands was because the statue was meant to be placed in a high, raised position, those viewing it would be looking up at it - by making the hands bigger Michelangelo gave the statue a more harmonious perspective to those who were looking at it from a lower vantage point.

Because we are looking at it straight on (it was never intended to be viewed from this perspective) the hands look too big.

As Michael Caine would say; “Not a lot of people know that”.

So his tiny genitalia would have also looked even smaller???:unsure:

:smiley: @ you lot, esp like the AC Milan comment :slight_smile:

David must have been a biker. I don’t think any bloke after a 100 mile ride in sub-zero temperatures can have a pee without either a warmed spoon or squatting on the bog. The shrinkage is incredible. :frowning:

“mark ewe” ™ the ‘transformation’ is made to look more miraculous!

I think his genitalia is rather on the small side because classical/renaissance sculpturers and artists deliberately minimized this aspect of the male physique as they found it unpleasing aesthetically - you know - the last turkey in the shop kind of thing.