Micheal Schumacher

Just heard the really sad news that Schumacher is deteriorating and his prognosis isn’t looking good.

Will be a really sad day when the time comes that we lose a true motorsport legend like him, I didn’t really like him in his red baron days but as he got a bit older and left Ferrari he became a bit of a favorite of mine.

I wonder if when he does finally go, the debate about GoPro’s will raise its head again? the governing body have already outlawed any non fixed cameras in Motocross and enduro for next year, all cameras must either be mounted to the bike or be an integral part of the helmet, No body mounted or helmet top mounted cameras anymore.

It’s a shame - there’s no doubt about his talent and achievements. You’re probably right about the “GoPro” stuff - but, is there any actual studies related to this increased risk? My gut feeling is that if there is a risk, it’s probably related to mount design rather than anything else.

As a German national I always took great pride in his achievement and respect him alot on a personal level. He has been in a bad state for a number of years now which will make the eventual “leaving” easier to bear.

Can I ask briefly what debate you’re alluding to about GoPro? Did something happen to create argument between mounted and non-mounted cameras?

There isn’t any concrete evidence it added to the injury cos he actually landed on a rock so it was more likely that over the go pro

His injuries were blamed (by some) on his gopro on his helmet

Off road competitions have banned chest mounted cameras as they have been proved to cause chest injuries when fallen on

Always been a huge fan. Remember the sights at hockenheim with all the red! Still have every cap of his up until the final Merc one.

Can we not talk about him as he’s already dead? Keep fighting Schumi!

Nick, i agree mate, he was a legend and hopefully the reports aren’t true and he continues to battle

Well they recon it all comes down to the first 6 months anyway and it has gone well passed that.

I wasn’t a fan of his, until I started reading about his efforts off track which really made me come to respect and admire him… As above it will be a sad sad day…

I loved the Benetton days when it was pure talent that won every race. With regards to him having survived a dangerous job and then having the skiing accident, it’s not really comparable as almost every aspect of F1 is controlled in terms of safety to reduce the risk as much as possible. Skiing off piste is a much greater risk. It would be good to see some lab tests comparing helmets with and without cameras mounted to them. Common sense would suggest that they compromise the helmet every time because if they land on the spot where the camera is mounted the impact is focused not distributed across the shell.

Best wishes to his family.

Off-piste skiing can indeed be risky but what is terribly there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I is the fact that he wasn’t really skiing off-piste, he merely crossed a bit of snow between two pistes, not back-country or big-mountain skiing by any definition.

He was unlucky that it was a poor opening to the season, the snow cover was bad and he tripped up on some stones hidden beneath the fresh light covering. It seems, although I’m unsure whether its urban myth or not, that his GoPro punctured his helmet. Who knows, had he not being wearing a helmet (and GoPro) he might have survived with nothing worse than a headache.

These reports are simply a quote from Luca di Montezemolo. I respect Schumacher most because throughout his life he has tried very hard to stay out of the media, very much the spirit which his family and manager try to continue things, and was simply known for his sporting achievements. I hate all the stupid rumours floating around and I don’t believe his true friends would ever mention a word to the press.

As for the off piste stuff, he was simply going a few meters off piste to retrieve a friends child. Not actual off piste skiing.

Isn’t it a nice feeling, when you’re lying in a coma and people who barely know you try make money out of your life story. Humanity at its finest.

Isn't it a nice feeling, when you're lying in a coma and people who barely know you try make money out of your life story. Humanity at its finest. silveR6
Montezemelo knows him inside out, he was his Manager at Ferrari for Years! he is classed as a Family friend too, thats why it's a shame he has said this, he should have respected the families wishes of no stories

With friends like these who needs enemies eh Sam