Michael Schumacher for '09 WSB

Apparently he has said he doesn’t want the ride as its still only a hobby for him, but HRC have offered him a bike to ride in the 2009 WSB championship if he wants it, bloody unlikely I know, but how cool would it be to see Schumacher swapping paint in Superbikes.

Even better watching him qualify last and then get lapped.

“There are drivers, and there’s screw-drivers”

Stick to what you know, I say.

The difference between Schumacher and God?
God knows he is not Schumacher!!!

I would be good to see him getting whipped for once!, but id personally say that on him it’s a waste of a ride… there’s another rider out there that deserves that ride much more than Schumacher.

But maybe not one that can pull the sponsorship money :wink:

and would also be a massive boost for WSB and bike racing in general, by getting people who would not normally be interested watching