Michael Rutter's 260308

My own personal favorites from my own LB gallery:


Cracking shots mate, very pro :slight_smile: Thank-you once again!

cool work man - you gonna be at Brands this weekend ?

I want to make Brands this weekend, but not sure if my wallet will stretch that far, ill PM you the night before if I can :frowning:

I guess your gonna be there with your camera, wanna show me how its done :smiley: :smiley: plzz

Thanks dude and it was no problem its really cool seeing my photos in a gallery :wink:

Enter the BSB competition then!

What competition ill enter it, where on the site can I find it hmmm??

Finally Rutter is back to being the rider we all know and love! Pity BSB cant even put his name on the photos they have posted! Whats that all about then… maybe they just forgot how to spell it!