Michael Caine thinking of leaving Britain!

Sir Michael Caine has warned that he will leave Britain for America if the Government increases taxes any further.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/budget/5219642/Sir-Michael-Caine-warns-further-tax-rises-will-force-him-to-move-abroad.html

I love Michael Caine! I hope he sticks around! :hehe:Michael Caine yesterday

Not just me that read that in a bad impersonation voice I hope?

“The most stupid act you’ve ever seen in your life” was a highlight for that.

Won`t affect me whatever he decideds to do.

Errrmm…almost certainly not but I doubt that was on STs mind when he started the thread…:wink:

Wont affect me either but would rather see him stay.

the trouble is he wont be alone.they cant see that taxing the people with money will just make them go other places and spend there money there.the uk hasent got much to offer at the moment for the rich.

agreed , doubt very much if he will be the only one- ffs cant this government see that 40% of £150,000+ is much better (for them)than 50% of sod all

a-men mr cain…says it how it is…a true patron…:).

+1 the politics of envy

The politics of envy & spite. Indeed.

The hike in tax really annoys me - I don’t earn a massive amount but I recognise that the people who create companies & jobs put in long hours & risks, and they therefore need to feel they are not being hit too hard.

According to one report I read, the Treasury told the PM that the vast majority of those that would be hit based on current earnings would find ways of avoiding the tax rise. Perhaps more importantly, when Maggie lowered the top rate of tax (albeit 30 yrs ago) the tax take went up as the reduction in tax avoidance etc; more than compensated for the reduced rate.

I think GB & AD are having a laugh. Their salaries may be sufficiently high to get caught, but they’ll lose their jobs at the next election and over a year their salaries will fall below the level…

But what really annoys me is the pension hit. It is morally wrong. Firstly, pensions are taxed on the basis that tax is paid when the money goes into the bank account - the contributions are tax-free and the proceeds are taxed when they are received. Thus, any contributions are being taxed twice. Secondly, GB & AD have gold-plated pensions that will not be affected, so they’ve protected themselves very nicely (using our tax money!).

I’ll miss Michael Caine. He’s stayed here whilst so many have left, like Hamilton, Button, Coulthard & that Scots-spouting hypocrite Sean Connery, and not many people know that.


I’ll miss Michael Caine.


(Now tell me you didn’t say that second line just like Michael . . !)

I don’t blame him or the others. Would you stick around if you had to pay 50p in the £1 tax? Sod that, I’d be off like a shot.

Gord is off his head, he’s only supposed to blow the b$&*^y doors off!!!

One of the problems is that the tax system is so overly complicated, that is has become so confusing. Look at the Tax Credit system, the beloved of Brown which every year over pays to the tune of billions.

The government probably wouldn’t need to raise the tax if it didn’t waste so much.

How about scraping all benefits and just raise the tax allowance threshold? Massive efficiency savings and none of the complicated calculations to go with it.

nah wouldn’t work, too simple…wouldn’t need a vast army of civil servants to administer…unemployement would go up, the economy would recover and then where would we be ?


Title says it all. Rock on Michael! Or should I say Maurice?

The star of Get Carter was born in Rotherhithe, south-east London, the son of a charlady and a fish market porter. He passed his 11-plus, winning a scholarship to a grammar school, left school at 16 and saw action in the Royal Fusiliers in the Korean War. From a job as a messenger, he worked his way into acting and became one of the sharpest stars of his generation – a crisply tailored contemporary of other working-class boys who smashed a social glass ceiling in the 1960s.

Not everything on his CV since has been beyond reproach: his appearances in The Swarm or Jaws: The Revenge spring to mind. But even on the subject of his bad films he is entertaining. “I have never seen the film,” he said of one flop. “But by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”

Come on let’s get real. When you’re worth £45 million a small tax rise on your earned income isn’t going to exactly impoverish you is it? It’s Michael Caine FFS- all he has to do is hold out for a better fee for his next film and he’ll have it covered. Anyway, who gives a flying **** where he lives- nice to be able to up sticks and leave when you fancy it isn’t it?

btw I’m not envious at all… :wink:

he may not notice the money side but if he leaves, all the contractors and service people who get money from him may well notice the loss in income, he is just the tip of the iceberg tho, how many people live in Britain because they want to ? not HAVE to, if you kick those people in the nuts by saying " you earn too much so we are going to tax you as there isn’t enough of you to effect our vote share and it makes us look good to the suckers we are really screwing" then how many of them will do what Caine and many others did during the 60’s and 70’s and "up sticks " to somewhere that wants his money! or even as certain F1 drivers and popstars do now, and move to a tax-haven. This is all the same old Labour dogma that screws us every time, tax the rich and tax the poor, but tell the poor that its OK because the Rich are being taxed more, all it does is drive money and talent out of the country.Caine stayed in this country and paid tax when he could have lived anywhere in the world, more to the point has anyone actually given a net gain to the economy of this extra tax? and a net loss if the people who can, leave or avoid paying by some other means ?

Ah yes but you could argue that the millions of less well off people who have spent their hard earned money on going to foreign-owned cinemas to watch Michael Caine films have sent much more money out of the country than he brings in by paying his taxes here. I think what I’m trying to say is that there are some jobs/salaries that are artificially inflated and ‘international film star’ would seem to come into that category. Footballers, bankers, and management consultants also spring to mind. It seems reasonable to me that a government should target taxes more on those that can afford to pay than on those who can’t.

Wouldnt the film companies pay taxes on the sales of any movie overseas? That must come to quite a bit…Im all in favour of fair taxes but hammering people because they have made a success of their lives just isnt right.As to being able to up sticks and leave goes…you can …if you are not happy where you are get up and go…no need to be a millionaire ,Im not, and live abroad quite happily (and pay less tax although that wasnt the point of moving)Too many people are happy to knock life in the UK but sit on their ar5se and do nothing…:wink: