MHP Exhausts

Has anyone used MHP before?  I think Mian sent me a link to their Facebook page, showing how well they can repair exhausts, so I contacted them and sent them my Akro.

That was 3 months ago no (to be fair, I’d forgotten for the last month or so).  I keep being told it’s being dealt with, end of the week, it’s on the table now etc.  At one point they’ve given me the final price (£110 I think) I said fine, how do I pay?  I’ll get an invoice once it’s finished…  but nothing.

I messaged again over the weekend and had someone saying it would be dealt with Monday, messaged this morning and no reply.

So, any one else used them?

Any advice?

Go round there? If they’ve taken three months and still not done anything take it back off them.

I used them plenty of times through the racing. They are extremely busy and they did have a fire a few months back so had to relocate. I have a can with them currently although I’m not exactly in any rush. I did see Marcus the other week and he did say he was getting through the backlog but it might be worth calling again to find out. Normally he has been very swift in turning araound the work.

I had a system built on my old mini twin, his work is brilliant but did find him a little slow at getting back to reply’s unless I rang him however I wasn’t in a rush so didn’t bug him too much

Mark’s done some great work for me in the past as well. He might be more of a phone man than an email man.

Okay, thanks for the comments.  Will try and remember to call him in the morning.

Seconded, incredibly good exhausts, but they do focus on their race customers (of which I was one)

is that MHP Exhausts in Surfend ?

I swapped the Yoshi on my old RVF for a MHP and LOST about 3bhp, which on a 400 was quite significant. I couldn’t fault the quick service and the look of the thing, though.

is that MHP Exhausts in Surfend ?
Clacton-on-sea it's listed as.