went over to metropolis in vauxall on saturday, just for a look at the nice bikes and to remind myself of what all this testing and training is for, as after i have passed i’ll be able ride one of those nice things :wink:

anyway took a look in the ducati bit…nobody in there not even folk looking at the 696!..
nobody really looking at the yamaha stuff either…very strange i thought…mmmm

triumph though…folk all over the place, 3 bikes went in the 25mins i was there and 2 were getting the deposit etc…

ouside people were just looking at these…bonneville t100 …

i was just a bit suprised thats all…but they are lovely looking bikes especially polished up in the sun :slight_smile:

personally i liked the ducati gt1000 though ehehe

That is a bit weird, but then again metropolis do seem to have a strange demographic of customers…

Ducatis could look a bit ‘much’ for some, yamaha’s just look like crotch rockets, but the triumphs are british and look a bit more ‘mellow’ - apart from the georgeous 675…

Did they still have that 675 in british racing green special paint job…YUMMM

see ya point but maybe they go there cos they are a triumph main dealer where as iof ya looking for a ducati you go to a ducati main dealer and you’ll find no1 looking at the yamaha’s, triumphs etc.:smiley:

they did have the special green 675 :wink: