metropolis spares Vaxhall

Anyone know if they are open today?


wot bits ya after m8?

020 7793 9313

there number m8, could not see any times on the site.

Cheers john, I’ve been ringing em but no bastard is picking up. Might just chance it a take a spin down there. Got it up and running, but need to tweak the valves again. Also the throttle cable is frayed so I need to replace it. Hows yours?

sorry to say m8 but mine is ssswwweeettt, lol.

Ha, good for you tho’. Are you modding it?

probably, not too much though.

what happened to the original seat off your bandit m8? am after 1

Metropolis opens on Sundays, but only to sell bikes and accessories. Their spares and service departments shut on a Sunday

Just been up there, nevermind. Its still not running right. ******* bike.

I’ve still got the seat but it needs covering.

oo can i have it?

will pm ya me number.

Called them up recently mate and apparently ‘due to fraud’, they don’t take orders for parts over the phone anymore :rolleyes:

Another reason for me not to bother with them anymore then :wink:

Did you know that metropolis is an anagram of SLIME TROOP ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Chunky, you got way too much time on your hands.

I only wanted to see if they had the throttle cables in stock, and the blinkers didn’t. Typical. I’m only running the the pull at the minute - and thats frayed.