Metallica - Kill 'Em All

I found Kill 'Em All and Master of Puppets cheap in HMV. They’ve got a lot of Metallica CD’s at 2 for £10 if your collection’s missing any.Haven’t listened to Kill 'Em All since I last had a record player. My vinyl collection’s now gathering dust in the loft!

Had it on my ipod in the gym at lunchtime. Is it one of the best debut albums ever??!!

pretty much…yeh!:smiley:

seek and destroy!!

not forgetiing anesthasia…bass solo!

Both albums for a tenner, right bargain!

About a year ago I got a Nirvana, 2 Metallica and i think Limp Bizkit album on Ebay for £20 :smiley:

Kill 'em All was so ground breaking and all these years later I still just love it! :slight_smile: