Metal tire valve stems on a CBR600RR

To use the Garmin Tire pressure sensors you have to have metal valve stems or the sensor shreds the valve and you end up with a tire deflation, injury and or worse.

Can / should these be fitted to a sports bike. They seem more at home on cruisers. It’s not essential that I fit the sensors but I’m just interested.

There are bolt in valve options for most bike I not that keen having had issues with them in the past but there out there

They’re standard equipment on the triumph 675’s. Well on the two that I owned at least.

Why do you want them, out of interest? I’ve got them on the 675 and I actually find them more of a hindrance than anything else.

Yes, I KNOW my tyre pressures are low!!! It’s a trackday and they’re cold! Stop showing me the warning light and defaulting to the pressure trip! Kinda thing :slight_smile:

I have sensors which are compatible with my Garmin that replace the standard valve caps. They won’t cause a problem on track days as you can swap them out for standard ones or just don’t use the satnav.

I want to make a video for my blog and on the initial one I made I fitted them to the standard valves and if you do that and ride at any speed the sensor destroys the valve and the tire deflates and / or you crash. So I’m thinking about metal ones so I can use them.

Anything that relies on in effect opening up the tyre valve to monitor pressure is a very bad idea. As Dave has already said if they/or develop a fault then you have a leak and a deflating tyre.

That’s a lot of effort to find out your on the M4 :smiley:

or if you need a SatNav to get around the track tyre pressures are going to be way too much to comprehend :wink: