Meta Sensitivity

Guys (and Gals!),

I have a slight problem, in that some oik keeps on sitting on my bike outside my office while he waits for his mate. The security guard has told him to bu**er off twice now, so he’s obviously got no respect.

Does anyone know if, and how, you can alter the motion sensor sensitivity on a Meta M357Tv2?


No idea Dave, but my god, I would go mad if someone sat on my bike! You should cover it up, I wouldn’t leave a nice R1 sitting outside for anyone to see, let alone sit on! You’ll also keep the bird-**** and rain off it.

David… Can I suggest that you get a High Powered Air Rifle and shoot the little Feckers!!! he he he…

I have had one of those alarms and also wanted to adjust it, but found out that you can’t.

As the other’s said, shoot/stab/punch/burn the fooker!!

Hmm, A quick Google found an FAQ on the Meta web site.

Q. I think the sensor on my motorcycle is too sensitive as it keeps going off for no reason. Is there any way that it can altered?

A. The M357TV2 and the M357TV2>1 alarm upgrade feature an adjustable movement sensor. An approved MetaSystem dealer will be able to adjust this for you and can tailor it to the motorcycle’s size and weight.

It suggests that it is possible but, of course, doesn’t explain how. Can’t be THAT difficult though surely - I might have a play about tonight.

Just asked my alarm fitter friend on my site, will let you know what he says

Cheers Coxy!

OK, here’s what he has said, hope it helps

Is your friend setting the alarm? Cause in all seriousness most people that have this issue arn’t setting the alarm! They just get off & let it immobilise thinking that its set the alarm itself.

Do you know where the alarms fuse holder is? is there a spare wire coiled up or taped to the fuse holder? if so does it have ‘51’ or some purple heat shrink on it?If can find the it, connect it to 12v this will set the alarm to its maximum setting connecting it to 0v sets its to its minimum setting & not connecting it to anything is the normal/ medium setting.

Also remember that the meta has an inbuilt delay to stop false alarms so small /fast movements will often not trigger the alarm.

Cheers for the info.

I’m definitely setting the alarm. I did miss it a few times when I got the bike as I was used to a Datatool, which auto alarms after 30 secs.

I know which wire he’s talking about so I’ll give it a go this weekend. It seems a bit silly that it’s either max sensitivity or medium, no more precise adjustment

I have to say, I’ve always had Datatool alarms before (1 Evo and 2 System 3’s) and now the Meta. I’ll definitely go back to Datatool on the next bike!

My blade had a meta alarm on when I got it. The one thing I really liked about it was that the arming beep was subdued and doesn’t wake the dead. I’ve got a Acumen Cat 1 fitted now which is the biz, really loud and works well with a pager, makes the system 3 sound feeble.

The System 3 can be made louder with a siren amplifier, and can be set to silent arming.

The acumen can also be set to silent arming, but I find that I set the alarm off by mistake when it’s set like that as I don’t always see the lights flash. How big is the siren amplifier? will it fit the acumen?

Little feckers… You wanna ask them nicely but firmly to stop sitting on your bike… if that fails give them the pasteing of their lives!

Thing is with all these alarms and stuff is, in this day an age I wouldn’t be suprised if someone could sue and win if your alarm caused them ringing in the ears…its so ****ed up…

Did you have a try, if so any luck?


Not yet, got tied up at the weekend. However, I’ll be at my friends workshop this Saturday fixing a slow puncture I’ve picked up and will take a look then. The little ba****d’s not been back so hopefully he’s taken the hint.


Air Rifle

Sub machine gun??? Ha ha ha… Can I watch??

Foxy, I’ll get a sniper rifle and we can take 'em out from the comfort of your living room!

Even better… I’ll get the beers in and we can take it turns!!!