Meta M357 alarm....Please help!

Hi guys,

Im at the end of my tether today, Im just about ready to set fire to the bike (03 RSV1000 Mille).

I believe it has a Meta M357 alarm installed, it was installed on 03 and has a black, round fob with a rubber key to operate the alarm.
I never got the instructions with the bike.
Normally you press the button, it beeps once, and you start the bike. After shutting the bike off, it beeps once again automatically, and thats it. I believe this immobilises it.

However, now it doesnt beep at all, and the bike starts without having to do anything to the alarm at all!
After riding it, you press the button fob, and it beeps 4 times, then if you move the bike, the alarm goes off. When you press the fob to deactivate the alarm, it beeps twice, then thats it, doesnt do anything again even when you press the fob.

Im really worried as obviously my bike is unprotected now, and Im also already pissed off after flushing the coolant today went very wrong!

Please help.


Hi Bendy,

I had exactly the same thing about a month ago. In short, I’d recommend replacing the system with a new one. There are a couple of possibilities, but it sounds like after 5 years of service the alarms battery is no longer taking & holding charge. This would explain why it only works for a short time after riding.

After I’d called around to get a replacement battery I learned that it was an integrated alarm system with no replaceable parts. Once they start to go wrong they’ve usually had it, so I’d just bite the bullet and get a nice new and reliable replacement. I have found a good guy who will drive to you & install a new one for £245… this is around £50 cheaper than standard price. PM me if you want me to dig out his details.

Hope this helps.