Messenger bike race

absolute twats!!!


there’s no accountability on the bike, plus they could probably get away quite easily so a cop car chasin a bike…elephant gun for a mosquito.
Plus, in all honesty, bicycles aren’t nearly as dangerous as motor vehicles to be fair. Now I know someone WILL raise the bloke who got a 2 year suspended sentence for killing someone, but realistically…that’s 1 person in how many years…whereas how many people were killed by motorcyclists, last year alone.

Don’t get me wrong, if I saw that cyclist I wouldn’t ahve moved over for him either, but its a little different from a bike capable of doing 120 miles an hour accelerating the wrong side of a traffic island than a bloke doing 25-28 MAX, flat out, which is still inside most speed limits

:w00t: No regard for anyone or anything!

The last voice you hear on the vid says it all:D

what is the point of those guys anyway?