Message to the one handed massive

Thanks for sharing, but TBH I’d keep your sex life quiet if I was you.:slight_smile:

i can hear scurrying…


Is that the sound tissues make when withdrawn from the box?


This about one handed knee down or masturbation?

An expert on both I might add :stuck_out_tongue:

join the club charly!

i’m a an expert on both too…i cant speak for stace tho:w00t::w00t::smiley:

cheers DP i never knew you cared so much :kiss:

Well I can confirm the first one :wink: The original LB one handed knee downer expert :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the W @ nker bit… :D;)

I recall the day I worked out I could do it. Some old fart in a volvo giving me evils and finger wagging out of his window as I went past on Tibbet’s Corner roundabout. Without even realising what I was doing, I flicked him a bird while smiling with sparks pouring off the slider :smiley: What a enlightening day that was.Is there any other good roundabouts in the M25 for one handed madness that I need to know about so I can join my brothers in a communal group session?. :winking:Tibbets:

I can confirm the second 1 :stuck_out_tongue: lol (only cuz i had a headache though)



i just went to one of the spots one friday and tried it…just wanted to see if i could do it:D

come play man, friday nites are normally the one, maybe thsi friday? gotta love a bit of KD:cool:

ok… whats that about then?

sorry for sharing that i enjoy getting my knee down one handed…

That the roundabout in Park Royal just off the A40 East bound?

My work Astra Van loved that roundabout… :slight_smile:

Ratty, in the words of Chuck Mosely “We care a lot.”

He he … someone’s gotta do it! :smiley:

sorry pete,

i ride ya know, i liek trying new ****, i love kd, would you rather me bang on about some bullshit parking fee’s or start a thread everytime i ride and someone isnt concventrating and get sa bit close…or shall i go and hi-jack someones thread, wich at first is fun but afetr al while the same shite is lame…and it goes on and on and on and on…


No, I’d rather you carry on having fun. Just like I was when I started this thread.

Have you ever read my profile? :slight_smile:

you knee downers make me sick :sick: ive done about ten trackdays and the only time i got a knee down with one hand in the air was at silverstone trouble was it was swiftly followed by my arse elbow and head!!!:hehe:

who’s going to teach me how to do it with out trashing the bike theres a cuppa or two in it for ya!! cuppa tea or coffee that is i know how you one handers think:D:D;)

dude i can try and help?

i’m by no means an expert but i seem pretty good at it:)

next trackday 6TH May we can have a go, or speak to elad if you two are at a trackday anytime soon, he helped me massively, knows his kd shiznit does E.:wink: