mesh jackets in London

Can anyone suggest a mesh jacket and a shop in London that sells them

as 'tis too hot to commute in full leathers

ta :slight_smile:

dainese do a decent one (to be fair, i think most of the big manufacturers do).

got one last year from scooterworld on westbourne grove where westie used to work - not sure if they’re still doing 'em?

I use the airflow from BMW. Great jacket (also have trousers going with if you wanna) but as about almost everything made by BMW, quality comes at a price… A high one

I have a Dainese one, excellent protection and great for extremely hot days like these. Try Infinity they stock Dainese.

I have had a Dainese one for about 4 years now, love it, so comfy yet cool and great protection.

I have a Dainese Airflux jacket which ive had for 2 years, it was about £120 and well worth the money, nice and cool too…:slight_smile:

I have a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket, had it for about 3 years and can recommend it

I’ve got a Dainese one, plenty of armour and protection… you have to buy the back protector that goes in it separately which knocks more £’s on it but IMO it’s worth it.

Alpine Stars do a summer mesh jacket too, they look nice but I don’t know about the protection in them… Sherrie has one I think.

Don’t know where you can get them in London as I got mine in On Yer Bike in Aylesbury.

I have one of these, and love it. Again this is stocked by Infinity, so pop along to Hanger Lane and our very own Jonny Zero or Burger, or KerryR6 will be able to sort you out.

Yeah we still sell them, there called Zenetex and retail at £139.99 but im sure I can sort some discount out for LBers

have a look here

don’t think you could go wrong with that for the money

whats also worth doing is picking up an EDZ innershell too when you get a mesh jacket and keep it under the seat.

you rock out during the day in the mesh and its fine, then the temps drop in the evening/night and you’re shaking all the way home!


We’ve recently reviewed the REV’IT! Typhoon jacket and I use it most times now as it ticks a lot of boxes. Check out the review:

Went shopping for a mesh jacket two weekends ago (was feeling weather optimistic), popped into Infinity & Heine Gerick (SP?)I was intent on getting a Joe Rocket, but after seeing it ‘in the fleash’ wasnt convinced it had the integrity in an off to survive a 2nd bounce yet alone a short slide. Also looked at FT & the HG mesh offerings and still wasnt convinced.

Ended up coughing up £139 for the HG Maxwell Summer3 jacket. Ultimately not as cool as a full mesh, but looks substantial enough to give decent protection in a real World off and still superbly ventilated, major plus point being that elbow armour stays in place & it by default takes the HG soft armour back prorector - done about 350miles weraing it so far and am well happy with it:)

Which one is stab-proof?

Infinity have the joe rocket phoenix for £80 now!!

hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning it.

come to think of it he’ll love the boost but Johnny Bravo had a very nice textile jacket on yesterday at BM.

Dainese. AWS i think

It looked the bow lox and i must admit i’ll be hunting for one VERY much like it this weekend.

haha oopsjust mentioned you.

ended up getting a Frank Thomas Titanium jacket

you can remove the inner jacket which is fleece lined and waterproof and on top of this there are LOADS of large vents

so far it’s kept me cool / warm / dry / protected