Mesh armour

Who are good manufacturers of that mesh armour that can be worn under a t-shirt or light top and jeans?

Is it possible to get a full suit for under £200?


IMO, Alpinestars make the best ones, and I’ve got a SixSixOne jacket which was over a ton, but I still wouldn’t want to come off wearing it, as it might help with abbraision injuries, but it won’t help with the impact as they have no padding. Not sure if I’ll wear it this year as I just don’t feel protected enough in one.

i bought a knox one that u can detach in to bits for ~150 and 90% of the time i use the backprotector under my leathers… but the mesh seems good when the weather picks up ill let u know how good it is…

Cheers Thanutz

So Jay, do you reckon that I’d be better off just wearing my leathers even though I’ll be in parts of Spain where the temperature is around 40 degrees C before midday? I was hot in enough in a T shirt and shorts back in 04.

There must be a way to stay cool on a bike but have the impact and abrasion protection

i wouldnt wear mesh going anywhere except in town…if u want to stay cool and protected there are some summer textiles, but once u come off the textile need to thrown.

or u could buy a kevlar jacket to go over the top of mesh armounr…

Alpine stars bodysuits seem significantly better made than the knox ones, met a guy at the w/e who did enduro africa in his A Stars one, and it was still spangly like new despite having been used in anger in some real spills on the trip… (ok so it had been through the washing machine since…)

When I went to the south of France last summer I was in Leathers and the outside temp gauge regularly went over 40 degrees, coped with that by keeping speed up and only pulling over in the shade this year I think I might well be in alternative kit, that said, we are going earlier so hopefully won’t be so chuffing warm

Thanks biggus.

Thanutz…I love your avatar Was good to meet you on the St David’s day run as well.

Right, I’m just gonna wear my leather jacket and a pair of Draggin Jeans

cheers man good to meet u 2 as brief as it was. if u have a pair of draggin jeans there are armour inserts u can buy for like 8 quid…there by knox though

I wouldn’t trust my skin to mesh armour at all, for the summer I have an HG Air suit that is wonderfully cool, I have also crashed wearing it and although it melted a bit on the exhaust I still bought another as it afforded sufficient protection.

Excellent…Thanks everyone.

For me, it’s all about GOOD textiles. My Arlen Ness jacket transforms into a very lightweight mesh jacket that fully protects me. I love it, in the hottest days of last year I was laughing, instead of sweating. I may see if there’s anything even better for this summer.

Being hot and sweaty has got to put you at more risk of an accident than being under protected. Hard call to make, but I’ll always wear something rather than nothing, as **** just happens.

Just get the Alpinestars set from Anil’s link + Draggin Jeans Jacket.

Nice in hot weather and excellent protection.

Ive got Dainese mesh armour and I love it. Its got a brill long spine plate and fastens around my waist so it feels really reassuring and secure. Dont know how much it would cost though as with a lot of my clothing, got it from a film set

Like the others said, I only wear it whilst riding around town and not on motorways or longer journeys as it wouldnt provide the protection necessary on those kind of roads.

try, dianesse ( however u spell it) my mate got a decent one for forty quid il ask him where he got his and ill post it

Where do you find the HG Air suit? I have looked on Hein Gericke website but cannot find it.

Where do you find the HG Air suit? I have looked on Hein Gericke website but cannot find it.

I had the original Dainese Mesh suit. (The Black mesh) Man it looked great! BUT(you knew it was comin’) when I came off the elbow pads didnt stay on my elbows. They moved and my elbow smashed on the floor… And I had a Jean jacket on top of it…

I recently got the newer version(Red,white and black). And they seemed to have improved it by puting velcro straps on the elbows and forearms…Havent come off wearing this one(and Im not going to!) but it does feel alot safer and secure. Id recommend buying one that has thes Velcro straps. I know some other brands make them and some have the straps and some dont…

There is another valid arguement tho…

How much more likely are you to come off if you your hot,sweaty and uncomfortable? You concentration is not going to be at the level it needs to be… So is it safer to be cooler??? Its an arguement that cant be settled…

Horses for course…

Gotta say, jeans are about the most uncomfortably stuffy thing I have worn when it is hot. Didn’t last long before I went and bought some zip vented textiles from HG. Last summer I did resort to wearing an HG armour shirt and I felt horribly naked. But I just couldn’t stand the heat any longer, rode home without gloves on a few occassions.

Afro, try EDZ or other “sports” base layers too. They wick the sweat away. Seems odd wearing more in hot weather. But you can peel yourself easily out of your kit then. Take 2 sets, wash alternately. I also wear shorter ankle boots - sweat drips off me into my sidi’s otherwise.

I have some mesh gloves from Triumph, you can see your skin on the upper side! Not too sure about those but they seem solid (Raptor, £25).

I have the Black mesh Dainese body armor, cost a fair bit, but i dident like the way my mind was going in the hot hot weather last year… “oh ile just wear a tshirt and take it easy”, while the body armor would provide next to no abraision resistance, its better than nothing, and its great to wear under my jacket in normal weather when i want a little bit more protection.

In the sun you do get an interesting honeycomb style suntan on your arms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In the baking hot weather it is lovely, i also like the way it looks.