Merton College Mechanics Course....

The one that recently finished?? I know a few peeps on the course come on this forum.

Please identify yourselves :wink:

I was chatting to the guy who runs this course at GEMS a few weeks ago. Sounds interesting.

Great course - excellant value for money. Did it years ago to get both parts of the City and Guilds. Geoff Buckley was my lecturer then and I believe he’s still there. And Ernie (he drives the fastest Harley in the West) runs the workshop.

I did the ‘advanced’ one this year at Merton. It was very good well worth carrying on to this one.


Yeah Geoff is still there & so is Ernie, thoroughly enjoyed the first course, wanted to see if anyone was doing the advanced in Sept.

Sounds like macp rates it though, so did you find it worthwhile carrying on??

Yeah definately worth it, I loved every minute. Say hi to Geoff and Ernie from me (Mark). We must get down to the Lord Nelson again soon.