Merry Yuletide.

Well we`re departing for the Lake District on Crimbo morning for a day of driving, arriving and crimbo bedding.:cool:

Hope you all have such fun in store.:slight_smile:

So it`s good-bye from him and good-bye from me.:kiss:

Enjoy your day and ride safe

ride /drive safe, enjoy yourselves, mery christmas jets.

Bah humbug

Safe Journey, and Enjoy

The Great Escape, does the Boxing Day ride start out out Devils Bridge this year?

Drive safe, no loitering and enjoy.

Merry Xmas Jets, safe journey and have a good time

Have a good one guys. Iโ€™m spending my first Xmas/NY in Lagos :angry: so am not overly festive this year - more just a miserable bastard.