Merityre Leatherhead (Praise)

Very impressed with the service I received in this place when I went there a few weeks ago.

Cant remember the exact price I paid now for a supply and fit for a Pirelli Diablo 180/55zr17 rear and a Diablo front -fit only- ride in/out (had the front already as part of a pair I’d bought sometime ago and rode down there with it round my waist…felt weird!).

They were the cheapest of all the places I phoned round and undercut FWR nicely too.

They were pretty quick, friendly, really helpful when I called on the phone, took care with my bike (!!!), done the job well, and even adjusted the chain spot-on. Not the type of service I normally expect when a firm comes up with the very cheapest of quotes.

A million miles away from FWR ‘standards’.

Think gixxerboy went there today for a rear. Sure he’ll be along to give his verdict on 'em.

Yep, can give them top marks for service and for price…they treat you well.

£115 ride in/out for a new BT014 rear, which I thought wasn’t bad.

I’ll also give them 10/10, went there this pm, ride in/out service Dunlop Qualifier Rear, £120 fitted = Happy Chappy