Mercedez 300SEL only 1500 GBP

Mercedez 300SEL only 1500 GBP





You’re parking that in London and yet you moan about £1 to park a bike, per day :wink:

£1500.00 that should pay his £1.00 a day for nearly 6 years. maybe that’s why it has to go. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about the 8 miles to the gallon in central london :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably needs something with a huge boot to carry all those shoes around… :wink:

Has it been used to carry important people like Nick Griffin around Barking?

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the car is sold:D

Now you can buy 8 pairs of UGG boots. That’s 16 missiles! :w00t:

AND enough change spare, to buy some boot polish to clean them first. :cool:

OR: Park a motorcycle in Westminster every weekday until the end of February 2018:D