Mercedes to partner with Ducati on new motorbike line?

Crickey, you’ve been busy lately! :wink:

TBH, I can’t really see what’s in it for Ducati?

It’s not April 1st is it?
Peugeot a “motorcycle” manufacturer like Honda & Suzuki?

I think their point was that they were both car manufacturers and motorcycle manufacturers. Not that Suzuki made as many cars as Peugeot or that Peugeot made as many bikes as Suzuki.

Seems an unlikely partnership to be honest Ducati and Merc’s, I don’t really see what is it in for either of them.

Hmmm I suppose Merc want to learn how to make reliable machines like Ducati’s. :smiley:

more likely merc have seen the success of BMW with bikes and want in on it. big comfy hyperbikes ahoy!

Still have to improve the reliability of their German panzer wagons. As BMW and Merc cars are down in the reliability tables.
Not many African Taxi drivers using the newer Mercs these days. Always breaking down and you cannot fix them with a paperclip and a big hammer.

As it happens, Peugeot are the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world still producing motorbikes (not just scooters). The only confirmed 2 wheeler that Mercedes have announced is an electric scooter - confirmed by the CEO no less just last week. Not quite sure where Ducati fits in with that.


A gullwing duke nice :slight_smile: