The mentoring seems to be a bit stale and I know that while some people are making it work, others just haven’t had the time.

Can anybody still willing and realistically able to spend a few hours each month with somebody please confirm here that they can help along with their location. This includes the people already listed in the main mnetoring post.


well i would still like some practice, me n bumble havent been able to get out for various reasons, i dunno if i could be paired with an additinal person who can do some cornering with me?

Still willing just nobody wants me I am in North Hampshire so a bit out of the catchment area.

The VFR is off the road at the moment as I swap the engine over but that should be completed by the next Bank Holiday

I’ve had the same problem hun which is why I want to know who can spare REAL time to help us out. When the mentors have confirmed we can see who we have and where they’re based

Bit Iam isn’t it?

Slightly - but why not? Riding safely (keeping alive) is not ‘obvious’ - riding for fun can be safe, but many new bikers haven’t been given all the clue they need. Matching confidence with competence is the key. This is especially true inside the M25 when IAM dictates (for the open road) need bending a bit. We are all learning…

Iam doesn’t do central london.

Oh and we survived so its darwin at work.

Oh yes!

I could do with some mentoring, or I could do some if ya fancy?!

Actually I disagree, Mentoring on here is about more than “IAM Skills for life” its about giving people what they need. When someone is new(ish) to riding there’s so much to learn, where to buy kit, what kit to buy, what bike’s suit what.

This could range from teaching someone how to get their knee down (took me ten minutes to teach someone that the other day) to how to check the oil, right through to a full service on their bike.

How about being available to talk someone through what to expect on their first track day, or how to deal with their first insurance claim.

It’s entirely possible that being a mentor will not involve any riding at all, just being on the end of the phone for someone to talk through their concerns.

I’ve had offers but still haven’t been out with anyone yet…

Maybe I should give up trying

But you didn’t say what kind of offers


taken the wrong quote for some reason Anyway Pixie - From what I saw on Sunday you are not doing too many things wrong the only thing you need to look at is your road positioning.

And Sheri I would be up for giving some mentoring if anyone was interested, I have started my I.A.M. Observer training so could do with some practice.

RichM, I was going to ask you to be involved funnily enough! I would love you to observe me - let me know when you have the time

Katana - this is voluntry and it’s about helping new riders with all aspects of being a biker. I think VFR Patch covered it well, in fact, I wish VFR Patch lived in NW London.