Mentor around the kent Area??

Hey guys, I’m looking for a mentor based around the Kent (Bromleyish) area to mentor the lovely GingerPixie - any takers???


Aw - thanks honey. Would love some mentoring I known there’s a few of you in the area but you’ve never actually offered

go on - you know you want to!


No one’s replied

What are you looking for?

Someone who will come out for a ride with me a few times, give me some pointers on what I’m doing wrong or how I can improve my riding etc… so I can start preparing for my test.

I would offer, but apparently I’m best kept away from wimmin

Why dont you come out with us tomorrow??? starts up in Hertfordshire, comfy ride to southend for a lunch/pint and then back… details on ride out day

Your reputation preceeds you…

Hi Morgawr!

I would but I do a course every Saturday

If the weathers good on Sunday I might take a trip to Ace… anyone going?


Ok then GP, nother time. Be happy when time permits to help out.

Cheers little dude

See ya back down the Ace soon.

Ok, I guess im one the of the guys from Kent!

I have two helmet to helmet radios, so can shout at you to keep up, soon as my bikes MOTd and on the road I will be glad to help, not sure if im the best

mentor, but I will have you doing burnouts, wheelies and filtering like a courier on crack in no time…

(Old Kent Road to Ace Cafe about 20 mins on a Saturday afternoon, PB!)

only joking on the 3rd line by the way…

Am thinking about going to the ace sunday, and I am southend way(ish) so will keep my eyes peeled for some bikers riding eratically!

The 3rd line’s the best bit

Hi GP - I might be around tomorrow.

I ride that area a fair bit, if you fancy a ride out sometime

What are do you ride a fair bit? What are people up to tomorrow?

What time are people heading to Ace?

Just picked this up. I live in Bromley so if I can be of any help just give me a shout. Won’t say I’m perfect but I’ve been riding for a long time.