men or women whos smarter............i hope i don't get shot for this one

>>A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the
>>woods. She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog
>>in a trap. The frog said to her, “If you release me from this trap,
>>I will grant you three wishes.”
>>The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, “Thank you, but I
>>failed to mention that there was a condition to your wishes.
>>Whatever you wish for, your husband will get times ten.”
>>The woman said, “That’s okay.” and for her first wish, she wanted
>>be the most beautiful woman in the world. The frog warned her,
>>"You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most
>>handsome man in the world, an Adonis whom women will flock to. "
>>The woman replied, “That’s okay, because I will be the most
>>beautiful woman and he will have eyes only for me.”
>>So, KAZAM! she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.
>>For her second wish, she wanted to be the richest woman
>>in the world. The frog said, "That will make your husband the
>>richest man in the world and he will be ten times richer than you.
>>"The woman said, “That’s okay, because what’s mine is his and
>>what’s his is mine.” So, KAZAM! she’s the richest woman in the
>>The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered, “I’d
>>like a mild heart attack.”
>>Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don’t mess with them.
>>Attention female readers: This is the end of the email for you.
>>Stop here and continue feeling good.
>>Attention Male readers: Please scroll down.
>>The man had a heart attack ten times milder than his wife.
>>Moral of the story: Women are really dumb when they think
>>they’re really smart.
>>Let them continue to think that way and just enjoy the show
>>PS: If you are a woman and are still reading this, it only goes to
>>show that women never listen!

It’s good and the moral too indeed mate