MEN! - Forget about Paco Raban, C2C, Pagan Man etc...

REAL men smell of WD40 - and it drives women wild!

BUT you’ve got to approach it correctly.

  1. Buy a HUGE bunch of flowers for your other half when they least expect it BUT spray a small amount of WD40 on the wrapping paper first.

  2. Repeat exercise next week - this time spray one or two blooms with the magic stuff.

(if you get any “whats that smell??” type comments say - “Smell - what smell??”)

Now for the killer.

  1. Wait until your OH is in a real romantic mood - and just before the entertainment starts smother yourself in the old ‘yellow and blue’

…and voila the magic smell of WD40 will now be registered in your dearest’s memory and will be forever associated with romance and horizontal entertainment. Chuck all your after shave away and buy a crate of the magic from Halfords

Job done!

You will thank me later !

That has really made my afternoon (after I just got drenched going back to the studio).

Thanks for the tip, I will buy some for my better half and report back with my findings. A lady loves… WD40.

Try it lustfish!

…but don’t overdo it - a man needs his sleep

Dont by from Halfords. WD40 is much much cheaper at Tesco.

Evene more bang for the buck!!!

ooo err…

I’m surprised nobody has commented from the female side???

Triang are you sure you have not been sniffing the WD40

Women like flowers that smell like flowers, massage oil and dry white wine, not men wearing cheap tesoc WD40 aftershave

Sod the flowers, WHERE’S THE CHOCOLATE?!?!??!!

And then after all the sweets and alcohol they just manage to get a headache roll over and leave you with just a can of WD40

You’re the boss!!!

Me? argue with a mod?

You must be joking

Oh I forgot to tell you about it’s halloiciagenic ( whatever you call it ) possibilities!!!

you girls are cheap!!! Where I come from you don’t get anywhere without a least a lobster diner (and that when they are in love with you…)

WD40!!! Don’t go to live in France mate, you would have to use the staff to avoid friction burn in your palm…


Dessert? Isn’t that how you work off all the calories from the starter and main course?

Yet another use for the versitile yellow and blue!

Is there no end to it’s possibilities!

And a new bike! that’ll get anyone back into my good books!

Just buy her a bag of chips and get her in the alleyway for a spot of dirty fettling. If she drops the chips then you know you’ve done the job right.

Then zip up and promise to give her a bell. But don’t…

Its all about romamce people

classy chap! (NOT)

I am always classy. Thats why I wear Brut.

And I always ask if she’d like salt and vinegar on those chips. Sometimes I’ll even buy her a tommy sauce sachet as well…

Whats Brut like as a rust inhibitor?

Just wanted to know