*********Memorial tree for Ali********

As many of you know, last year, on the 1st of April, LB member ‘Full Throttle’ & my friend Ali tragically passed away after an accident on his bike. We arranged a ride last summer in memory of Ali and to collect money for a tree to remember our fallen friend.

The memorial ride went very well and people kindly donated towards the £500 needed for the tree. We initially had problems with sorting a tree out at Regents park as they were not planting any new trees there this year due to the long hot summer. We were lucky enough to secure a tree (about 3 weeks old) at Hyde park and we will be having a small ceremony to mark the occasion and you are all invited to show your support and remember Ali as it coincides with the anniversary of his death (well a day after).

So if your would like to attend the ceremony at Hyde park on Monday the 2nd of April, please put your name down. I appreciate its on a work day for most people but if you can make it your more than welcome.

Details: Monday 2nd of April, 3:30pm, Hyde Park.


Put you name down:

  1. Snap

Link to last years memorial ride:


Put your name down for this years memorial ride:


Thanks, Sam.

For a second there i thought you were swearing about it!!!

if i’m not working/can get time off put me down for this!

Ooppps didnt this of that. Lol

I didn’t know Ali, but read all about it when I joined - and I have a few ‘fallen heroes’ of my own to remember. So count me in please, it would be both an honour and a moment to reflect:

Put your name down:

  1. Snap
  2. Jimc

Good Work Snapster…

Nice to see your still around…and put me on the list please.

Sam, unfortunaly chance are i wont be around, wish i could be but wont be in london till the week after. Best of luck with this, if u need anything let me know.

  1. Snap
  2. Jimc
  3. Barro

Cheers Anil, hope you can make the memorial ride though.

Snap, where in Hyde Park?

sorry hun but me and adam are at donnington!!!xxxx

JimC, Im gonna find out the exact location in the next few days and post it on this thread but as such i only have a very vagu idea of where in hyde park it is.

No worries Gina, hope you guys can make the memorial ride in August.

Im flying to hong kong the next day but ill make sure im there for the first after of the ride for sure!

Sorry Snap I have a very heavy work load at the moment and can’t get time off, I will stop and take a moment to remember though.

I should be there matey

If I can sneak out of work for an hour I’ll come.

should be fine for me to come too

Good stuff guys. Not to worry Anil & BPB, hopefully you can make the memorial ride.

Is everyone gonna be riding? If so, ill post up where the bike bays are and where the nearest NCP (£3 for the day per bike) car parks are.

  1. Snap
  2. Jimc
  3. Barro
  4. DJ JC
  5. Andrea (poss)
  6. WestFazer

Who else is coming?

For those riding:

Hyde park corner bays:


Park Lane Bays:


NCP Car Parks:


Go to “Park with NCP”
Then “Car park Finder”
Then type in “Hyde Park corner”
Costs £3 for the whole day.

By Tube: Hyde Park Corner Station

Location: Walking along the serpentine, opposite the Kiosk. There will be a small tree there with a cut down stump next to it.

Map of Hyde Park with the Tree Location:


Can you put me down too,

where and when are we meeting ?


If I finish with my client in time I’ll do my best to get there