*********Memorial tree for Ali - pt2********

Final Details:


Anyone else who wants to come to the ceremony, is more than welcome.

Thanks, Sam.

  1. Snap
  2. Jimc
  3. Barro
  4. DJ JC
  5. Andrea (poss)
  6. WestFazer
  7. Ianxv1600
  8. Andrew&7 (poss)

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Its tomorrow. Hope your ready.

Gonna try and get down there this afternoon, but will have to bring the kids, hope this is ok

Thats fine. See you there later on hopefully.

Sorry I will not be able to make this afternoon


Sorry, can’t either.

Didnt make it…

Hope all your plans went lovely jubbly.

It went really well today. Wanted to thank Jim, Joolz and Trojan for taking the time to show their support. For those who couldnt make it. not to worry, just make sure you come to the memorial ride on August the 5th, get it into your diaries!

NP Snap. For a sombre day it was actually a nice day, a day of reflection and celebration of Ali’s life. Was also nice to see some new faces, albeit different circumstances would have been better.


5th August, day I get back from hols… and its brands WSB (just pointing out).

Bigsv - A memorial ride for one of our own LB’ers that died or watching WSB ?

Snap, it was the least I could do to be there mate. A very touching day.