Memorial ride out 3/8/08

I will be leaving the ace cafe at 8am hoping to arrive by about 9.15am

anybody body wishing to come please make sure your fueled up and ready to leave

cheers ginger

cool, I will meet you at ace

Ginger which way are you going, if it’s the A10, I could meet you and anyone else at the Tesco in Cheshaunt


Good stuff Ginger, you brave bather :smiley:

On the way back, I dived off onto a back road to get petrol in Danbury (is the A12 is rubbish for filling stations or what?). I wasn’t long there when the sky turned black and had a huge dump, so being under the forecourt roof at that moment was most fortuitous. Then back to the brain-dead Sunday cagers on the A12, much gesticulating at the hard of thinking to get them to get out of my way :smiley:

Which is why you peeps caught up with me, honest :slight_smile: :blush:

lol yeah it were me, miggy and ginger that caught up with you :wink:

Glad you had a good day though mate :slight_smile:

thanks to everyone involved…great day !!!

shame about the weather but it wasnt all bad…

The clacton life guards!!:stuck_out_tongue:

About to leave!!

Cool picture!!:wink: