Memorial Ride 2007 Report

Apologies for the long post but Sam asked Weaver to do a report so here ya go - any mistakes are all hers!:

The second Memorial Ride took place on 5th August, 2007. In case anyone does not know, the first ride last year took place to remember and raise money for a tree to plant in memory of Ali (aka Full Throttle on LB forum). Sam (Snap on LB and TLB), one of Ali’s close friends, decided that we should do this every year in memory of Ali and all fallen riders and to raise money for a charity of our choice each year – preferably bike related. This year we were raising money for National Association for Riders with a Disability. Sadly this ride was also to remember BJ Hansen, a TLB member who died as a result of a bike accident in June this year, aged 42.

The ride started at the Silver Ball Café on the A10 and went down to Southend. Some people met at The Ace café, though Dan (Yogibear) arrived late and saw they had already gone - though we noticed that he actually got to the Silver Ball before the rest of them! “Honest officer – the others were just really really slow”!!!

Anil got to the Café but unfortunately could not go to Southend having decided to fill a pothole in the car park at the SB with himself and his bike and broken off his gear lever. Simon managed to botch a repair enough to get Anil home however. Anil I have a nasty feeling your faring took a beating too – hope it is not too bad?

There were quite a few of us there so it took a while for everyone to get their breakfasts but eventually we were all fed. Weaver and Sam demanded money with menaces and insisted that people bought a t-shirt too!! We have a logo on the shirts which will be used for the website when it is sorted out and for future rides. The logo was is a really professional design job by Terry – exceptionally good considering all he got was a couple of words in an e-mail re an idea – “black ribbon and a couple of bikes please Terry”. Wonderful job Terry – thank you so much.

Anyway when the troops were fed Sam wanted to say a few words about Ali and to read some words written about BJ by Grandma. He was brilliant despite the fact that Weaver’s phone went off in the middle of him trying to tell us about BJ – Andrea was late – again!!! I did not know BJ but I understood he had a wonderful sense of humour so am guessing he would have seen the funny side.

Sam now put off his stroke forgot the rider briefing and unfortunately so did the rest of us supposed organisers so the start was a bit chaotic! In the midst of it Andrea arrived – she had in fact been almost at the Silver Ball some time before but seeing a group of riders going down the A10, amongst whom she thought she saw Weaver and Snap, she took off after them – luckily realising after a short while it was the wrong people.

As before we were leaving in three groups. It seems some of the advanced group had not fuelled up so zoomed off to the garage. Others saw them go and thought the group was starting so zoomed off too. Stem was left wondering if they realised he was still there – as he was the leader he was rather useful to them. He actually left with Yogibear just before Mr. Rizla who had replaced YB as tail gunner to test radio communications with Stem – they didn’t work by the way! Stem managed to make progress to catch and get in front of his group – however those in the garage were left somehow behind – oops!

About 20 minutes later Weaver moved off leading the intermediate group – the two gentlemen behind her Bluebhoy (on a yellow bike???) and someone whose name I apologise for forgetting, were very patient whilst she weaved all over the place due to concentrating on sorting out communications with RedOne at the rear end! Once sorted the group made good progress – though were however a bit surprised to find they had acquired a few extra riders in the group – those at the garage who realised after we had gone past that they better get moving! Still it’s better than losing people!

The inters had a mostly uneventful ride down to Southend, though did have stop and regroup at one point when a certain young man decided to go the wrong way up the A130 followed by a couple of others. RO rode off after them to round them up and they were soon back on there way. Filtering into Southend was an absolute nightmare with all the traffic but eventually the inters got there to be greeted by Spider and pals who was waiting on the side of Marine Parade. Just as well as when she parked Weaver couldn’t get her leg over her tail pack to get off and needed Spider to give her a push! The advanced group gave us a cheer – possibly to make sure we realised that this year they had got there first?

The chilled group apparently left about another 20 minutes after the inters and still managed to arrive about 20/30 minutes after them despite stopping for 10 minutes for a drink. In fact given the timings it seems that the best progress to Southend was made in this order 1) Chilled, 2) Intermediates 3) Advanced. Hmmmmm change of names for next year perhaps?

The pub on the parade did a roaring trade as it was very hot and we were very thirsty, though shame on them for making Sue and her Mum sit outside because they had the baby with them. Sue is Ian’s young lady – they came down by car but could not stay long as after 40 minutes Ian (of Chingford Chippy fame) finally gave up trying to find a parking place and came back to collect them.

The advanced group stayed outside – apparently Riz and Spider are sun worshippers and went topless – the sight of all that flesh was too much for the rest of us (and that was just the heads) and we retreated indoors to grab what seats were available in the shade.

Gradually during the afternoon. one by one or in twos or groups, riders dispersed to make their various routes home. Grimbusa, Debz and co were doing twisties round Essex, whilst Trisckie got hot and sweaty with her beast! She insists that this was her motorbike not Guzz. :!

I think most people had a good time and we raised at least £300 for NABD – full amount will be posted when we have it all in – we are still selling t-shirts!

A huge thank you to everyone for coming on the ride – particularly to Sam for his organisation, Terry for the logo, Stem, Mr. Rizla, RedOne, JimC and BMBob for their leading and tailing. Thanks to Guzz’s friends from the Enfield Club for coming along and to the forum newbies who were brave enough to join in. A special thanks to Ali’s Mum who gave a very generous donation when she knew what we were doing. Thanks too to Pat, Stem’s better ‘arf and to Ginger were also not there but sent us a generous donation.

Due to the traffic problems and the crowds at Southend, we shall almost certainly be going somewhere different next year – research ongoing! We shall definitely however be having another Memorial Ride so please put 3rd August, 2008 in your diaries now.

Couple of links to the TLB Gallery for some pics:;f=2;t=5751