Members mugs!

Whatever happened to members mugs? I’m sure we had a thread on this subject before. I think we do this again as there are alot of new members up in here. I’ll start. I’m the cheeky one on the right



Very good Mini Mo.

Pretty funny mini mo

This is a great idea, I went to the ACE recently and saw an LB Sticker on the bike, I could have chatted to its owner if I could have recognised them.

I would post my own picture up if I wasn’t so ugly and if they had a wide angle lense big enough to capture the whole of my portly frame.

I am the round one, 2nd from the left…

This was my Bikesafe course at the Warren near Bromley in november

and what lovely paws they are too.


Brad Pitt’s got nothin on me.



Sorry, posted wrong piccy. That’s an old one of me pre-op. Here’s me now.



Puppy I think I’m in love lol

And the Oscar for the biggest photo attachment in the history of internet goes to…


Mate, 11.2 MB ???

Anyone fancy a sweetie??

Nice Rottie, just thinking that myself.



Mr cool hey

HEllo people!


small chink.jpg

twin towers.jpg


Hi mate, welcome to the circus. On the bill we have:

Paivi the ticket defying scooterist
Mike M9 Performance who will perform stoppies in the snow for your very delight
Ducati (pervy) Pete with his entourage of tied up leather clad beauties
Bozzy and her gravity defying chest
Project9928 and his collection of extremely expensive and unused cameras
and finally,

me. I just ramble on at half time while Foxy circulates with lollipops (a sight to see I’m told).

errr, what was the question?

the LB xmas party has names to faces… well some

It’s that known as anti-Newtonian? A bit like running on custard.

Time for your medication MM.