Members First Bikes

My first bike was a VFR 400 NC24. It was in perfect running order when I got it, and by the time I sold it, it was a shed. I only had it six months as well, heh. I learnt a lot about bikes on this thing! Was great fun and very fast, but had to make way in the end for a shiny R6!

I bought it for £1300 which was probably too much as it was, and sold it for about £700 in a part-ex deal. Like all Honda’s, the electrics gave way and it was unreliable until I changed half the black boxes and alternator. I also bent the selector pins in the gearbox as it would jump out of second gear when hard on the gas. I think that was through being an arse and trying to learn how to wheelie. Shouldn’t have bothered.


Most of you would’ve seen my lovely baby CBR 125. But here she is again…


When was that Jay?

My first bike… Ahhh… the good ol’ days… T’was 1997, i were 1.5 stones lighter, and the sweet smell of two stroke would follow everywhere i’d go… til it rained, and i couldn’t get the bugger started. Still wish I had her tho…

My NSR 125!


erm well to brake the trend of sensible first bikes, mine was an r6

big bike, bigger hair…

sold it to a guy at work that took it to east london without insuring it and had it robbed in under 5 days. felt sorry for the guy to a point but daft move.



At this rate dude I’m going to need it for Russia…

nice hair jb, hehe

My first was a Peugeot Speedfight 100 (MK-1 / AC), then I foolishly brought a second!

Mine was (and still is) a Yamaha SRX400 - kickstart fun. The thing is dying and I’m worried that it’s not going to last two weeks though to be honest. The fork seal’s just blown, the engine dies at less than 2000 rpm and it spews out blue smoke alarmingly.

However I have just bought this, which I pick up next weekend (hopefully) - I hope the SRX lasts that long!


My first one… a Simson S51 E-4
… a 50cc old east german rebel of the early 80ies. I got two of them for free and finally restaurated it in 2000. That’s what it looked like afterwards. Had to sell it on my move to the UK though.

Lizzy, I rode one of them in Leipzig two weeks ago that German friend has been restoring for a few years. Absolutely great fun!

This shape - note single seat unit for a 50cc 4 stroke bike - really helped to reach top speed of 42mph - downhill out of gear

this colour - see even then I really wanted a Kwaka

I had number of small 100cc since incl GP100, RXS 100 and A100

you and me both - can you give me a baccy?


What utter filth.

About five years ago now I guess. It was a hoon and did me proud, shame I didn’t do it proud, heh.

JB, how typical

these arnt pics of my bikes!! they are at home somewhere!! but these are the bikes that i had!!

Two suzuki landies!! used for racing and general pissing about in cyprus!! no lights no numberplates!!

TS 125 got it for free!! cost me £40 to get the engine re-bored and a new piston kit!!

Not very long ago - MZ’s finest single cylinder 660 cc beast.


Funny !

My 1st bike was a little yellow Honda moped when i was 14. Think it was a melody !! but once i was old enough, I started on a Honda NSR 125 R and thought i was Mick Doughan, till i got a bit ****y one day, ended up break dancing down a wet road and my bike doing a tripple back flip over someones garden wall ! happy day’s !


1979 aged 16…Suzuki AP50 index was PTN400R…Dad bought it for me when I was 15 and a half…I polished it every day…even carried on polishing it when I was old enough to ride it…when I got to 17 I took the pedals off it, put footrests on and took my test removing the necessity to take the 250cc test as it was then…those were the days.