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Now with a full Evo titanium system. Damn it sounds amazing :smile:






Here is my new baby!




Very nice indeed @Redwez. Do like the curve of the swing arm.


no screen?

no screen? Abzero
It doesn't need a screen imo. The wind protection on my MT-09 was surprisingly good and I thought it looked better without the silly piece of plastic in front. Same here I think.


each to their own I guess - It looks a bit err, unfinished at the front to me - but that’s just me. Nice in all other respects :smiley:


The screen is making way for the spike that is being mounted next week :smiley:


@Abzero I would quite like to get a screen, but only picked it up on Friday and so just discovering what I do and dont want to change right now.

Ace, that is an absolutely sex machine!

This forum is a pain as it makes me want to upgrade my bike. :weary:


Thank you Doc.

Guess what's happening to my toy? Aceman

I would hazard a guess that it's going on a ferry somewhere?
TimmyFox Yup.  Parc Moto, Spain.  An amazing couple of days.


My sons bike all ready for him to pick up tomorrow and ride for the first time




He’s the new R1 :sunglasses:





You don’t have a bike, you’re a weirdo fantasist, like those guys who dress up as paramedics and attach blue lights to their car.




Nice bike! I wish I had one… … …


Here’s my pair, Z for daily Commute, 636 for playtime




Just brought this till the GSXR is repaired or I get a new bike
I can’t stand the commute by train



Got rid of my RT for an R1200GSA Triple Black.

Love this bike.


Had a while now. Husaberg 570fs