Melted plastic on downpipes

As the title says I have melted plastic on my downpipes, anyone know of a good way to removed it?

Get your engine hot and scrape the worst off your zorst with a lolly stick or similarAllow it to cool for a while and finish off with some steel wool and a drop of WD-40

Failing that, scrap it and get a v Twin;):smiley:

I had exactly this problem only last week - a carrier bag melted onto my downpipes.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try scraping it off with a knife or anything that might scratch the metal. Heating it up with the engine and melting it that way, as suggested above, should work. What I did was melt it with a camping stove until it started to bubble (but before it turned black), then wipe it off with a cloth.

There was some burnt plastic still on the pipe as I overdid it with the flame, but Autosol sorted that out :cool:

Good luck!

Yes use some paper or wood or something that will no melt again and do it when its hot.
Dont use the metal cleaners unless you are doing the whole down pipe…

Thanks guys will give it go, later when the rain has stopped.

Hi, heated my pipes up and scraped with a piece of wood, dont breath the fumes in as it gives mad head pains!!

Had the same problem and was told to heat it up gently and use a 2p coin to gently scrape it off as a 2p coin is softer than chrome. Worked a treat.


How do you stop the heat from the pipes being conducted to the coin?:w00t:OUCH!!Wooden lolly sticks are the future;):smiley:

Be careful of that as a lot of 1 and 2 pence coins are no longer a copper nickel alloy, they are infact plated steel.

did you get it orf and what method used ?

Vinegar and tin foil!!!

Are you still waiting for the rain to clear up Kevsta? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheeky, actually just need to get a piece of wood, plank or labour MP. :smiley:

OOO, controversial :w00t:

plenty of planks in herts mate :):smiley: