Melandri to Kawasaki next season


it’s true, finally a world class rider on the kwak next year - hope the bike doesn’t underperform as it has so far this season.

Interesting as looks like he had other choices - could have gone back to Honda.

Roll on next year!

Is Hopper not world class then Eric?:wink:

Thats the final nail in #33’s career;):smiley:

stronger team mate?

didnt Westie finish ahead of Hopper and Melandri at the weekend?

we havent seen the best of West yet…

Melandri need it, Kawasaki always need it, so it’s a win. Nice. The Kawasaki did perform much better last time with their new chassis and engine (no screamer?!) so things might improve for them, though I don’t think they’ll do drastically better. Perhaps they’ll take Suzuki’s place as second-group leaders?

Melandri is only Kwak rider to have actually won a world championship - that makes him world class. Hopper is cool, but not same league as Melandri.

Westie has had too much time and shouldn’t remain, despite last weeks result. Plus Kwak want someone who can help develop the bike and challenge Hopper regularly (when he’s fit)

It all depends on Kwak making the bike competitive from day one next season - yet to see the real affect of the new developments on this years Kwak, as Brno wasn’t totally realistic, given the extremely poor performance of any Michelin shod bike.

Fair point on Hopper not being fit - but I think that the more input Kawasaki get, the better they will be - its a chicken and egg problem - because you need a good rider to help improve the bike and you need a good bike to help the rider too at this level… whether they are world class or not, you need someone who is going to progress the bike… (and Ive no idea who that is or should be…)I dont doubt that there are differences in the tyres, but are they a real issue in themselves? I know there is a lot of talk about it and I dont profess to know either way, having never tried either :hehe:, but these are the standings…interesting? I mean, even if it is the tyres, does this sort the good from the bad? Im not sure a one make series is the answer…choice is always good - I mean what happens if Bridgestone mess up?

Michelin have messed up this season leading to rather odd results, Brno is a good example - where was the first michelin rider? 9th Dovi

Tyre performance has a huge bearing on the outcome of the race, and if Michelin can’t produce the goods, then more teams will move to Bridgstone.

Rossi certainly wouldn’t be where he is this season, if he’d stuck with Michelin - he knew that before everyone else realised it. Most thought it was a huge risk - now proven to be an inspired choice. Rossi knew Michelin cost him the championship the previous year (along with some bad luck, and a poorly performing bike)

I’m not a fan of single tyre rule, but if there is no competition that’s what may happen. Need to ensure that the talent that’s present in the series can actually make use fo their ability - otherwise money will start to move away, and that’s not good news for a cash strapped series.

Well at least Melandri will have a better season next year, as it can’t be possible to have one worse than this year’s.

Lets hope he has a better year, top quality rider :stuck_out_tongue: just hasn’t got to grips with the Duke :w00t:

I don’t think it will turn to anything that spectacular. not that I dont like melandri or want him to do well but he has always been very inconsistent and I think he is mentally beaten down just like Gibernau before retiring.

You never know though. Confidence can come back with a bike that suits his riding style and with (I imagine) less pressure than being in the Ducati team and constantly worrying about lack of race success compared with golden boy team mate.

Who would have thought that Stoner would be as successful a rider today by watching him ride in the 2006 season? :hehe:

Not me, that’s why I missed out on 40:1 odds of him winning the 07 season :crying:

great to see melandri on the comeback (well hopefully)