mel gibson puts his hand up a beaver


this looks like a very predictable, boring film… :doze:

OMG. That HAS to be a joke…

Nice one Jody Foster - you should have called it quits after Bugsy Malone!

Can you imagine pitching this bs to a studio… “Er, yeah… its about a guy, who is down on his luck… er… but his life gets turned around by a prosthetic beaver… on his hand… always… yeah thats it…”

Actually it sounds great… Mel should have used it in the Passion of the Christ… that would have sorted all his woes of crucifixion.

also im sure the beaver would have saved all those incas in apocalupto :hehe:

Yes, it certainly is a Lethal Weapon…

What a load of toilet.

something’s telling me he’s regretting slagging off the jews and christians, and getting smashed and pissing his success up the wall and is desperately searching for family friendly twaddle to win the pathetic MOm vote back… cos everyone else thinks he’s C’eeing U Next Tuesday