Megelli 125r Sportsbike

Hey all,

Just bike shopping at the moment, does anyone know of the Manufacturer Megelli and what they’re like?.. as im looking at maybe getting the Megelli 125R



Not heard of them, but it does look good.Looking at their website, they are just Taiwanese parts put together here.The motor looks a bit old tech according to the specs - it’s a Sym unit and apart from being down on power compared to the Yam 125, it’s only got a 5 speed box.Chassis looks a bit spindly, too…

I suppose for the price it’s fine, but it ain’t much cheaper than a CBR125…

Yeah, I think your right… having just parted with my Yammy R125 I think getting the Megelli 125r will be a disappointment in comparison… It seems Megelli might be pinning alot of their hopes onto the design style of the bike, as it’s really aimed at 16-18yr olds who will be more taken in by looks than spec I guess.